Age of Shurikens is released!

2011-12-03 18:17:59 by coolroy


Age of Shurikens is released!

Age of Shurikens is a flash RPG, a game of this size has yet to be seen in flash.
Programmed for over 3 years and contains countless features.

Currently on the team:

-Backgrounds Artist
-Programmer and Project Manager

We are looking for:

-Story Writer: Writing a Story, Quests, and NPCs
-Menus Artist: Designing Menus and the Game Layout
-Animator: Animating Monsters

Screenshot: 5/aosss.png

The game will require alot of work and alot of free time, please only apply if you are serious.

Future revenue will be split among the team.

Apply by:

-Sending me a Private Message
-Sending me an Email:

Please link to works that demonstrate your skills!

Age of Shurikens - Menus Artist, Monsters Artist and Story Writer Needed!

2010-07-10 07:10:48 by coolroy

Age of Shurikens is a huge flash RPG, contains alot of features and can be expanded easily and infinitely with Editors.
Currently have a Musician (Zero123Music), an Artist (Jeremy), a Backgrounds Artist (Zack), and a Programmer (me).

Here are pieces of art to demonstrate the future graphics of the game: ocles/flash-worms

We are looking for:

Menus Artist - Creating all of the menus (e.g. game layout, preloader, etc...)

Monsters Artist & Animator - Drawing and Animating monsters.

Story Writer - Writing a complete story, thinking of unique NPCs - each having its own story and personality, and eventually connecting it all together. It all comes down to writing Quests.

Only apply if you are serious and have alot of free time since this is a huge game that requires alot of work.

Our target is instead of being a small flash game among other millions of flash games, to create an independent RPG with alot of content, that will eventually earn it's money from an online shop and\or adds.
Future revenue will be split among the crew.

Access to the game's Engine will be granted to serious people.

The game has been resized to 960x600 for more detailed drawings. The videos below demonstrate the old 550x400 engine.

Here is a little trailer for you that demonstrates a few of the game's features, though it doesn't really let you feel the gameplay, and also 4 gameplay videos below it.
Thanks alot to Fadi Hamad for making these Videos!
Recommended to watch in HD, Enjoy!

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Apply by sending either a Private Message or a Mail:

Please link to works that demonstrate your skills.



2010-03-28 12:32:40 by coolroy

Not long ago I've been recruited to the army, I got 3 years to serve!

I hope that during that time I'd be able to fully release my game "Age of Shurikens" and take the flash games world to a new level.

Wish me luck :)

Age of Shurikens in Progress

2009-03-21 13:31:31 by coolroy

You have so much to wait for, the perfect 2D RPG is coming in flash.

So many stuff compressed in a RPG, this tiny screenshot can never make you understand how complex this game is.
If it will be a success it might be developed into a multiplayer, though those are just assumptions right now and no decision has been made.

It's the first time a game of this size comes to the flash industry, many people are gonna get shocked.
It's gonna take a while, no dead line yet, much more to be done and it's not gonna air until everything is perfect.

Stay Tuned!

All of the graphics in the screenshot below are temporary except for the LandScape.

Age of Shurikens in Progress


2008-04-26 12:00:54 by coolroy

The game kunai is being developed into something serious, like maplestory but has a little different movement, another pan of picking and using objects (and I don't mean inventory objects), awesome skills (different then maplestory), and building a connection between you and your chosen god (a god can become really handy while on your side).
Everything else, quests, monsters and such is pretty the same as maplestory.
The game data will be saved on my server (people will have to create an account), there is an option (allready scripted it) to see people in real-time action (multiplayer, besides saving) but I doubt it will handle much people.
Old screenshots can be found on my site (the engine has been slightly improved).
And btw I've built a maps-maker for myself (for an easy way to build maps), so maybe in the future people will have the option of building maps and suggesting them (allready scripted that too :P).

New Game in Progress - Kunai

2007-12-08 10:42:39 by coolroy

I'm working with a real artist this time and my coding level is much higher then my latest game.
You play as a Ninja which throws Kunai (Ninja Stars), the game play is very similar to maple story (for those of you who heard about it).
Most of the engine coding is already done, now what's missing is graphics (even though some are already done too).
You can see the progress on my website.

Dragon Ball Z - PE v 2.1

2007-08-17 17:17:09 by coolroy

Version 2.0 didn't go that well, people couldn't figure out the gameplay and such.
I took some of your suggestions to my attention to make the ultimate final version (I hope).
Dragon Ball Z - PE v 2.1
The newer version includes:
-Pop up numbers when damage or damaged
-Blocking Key - C, takes half damage
-Different GamePlay
-Difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard
This version will be released in two and a half weeks to Newgrounds (when the sponsor from Armor Games will be back), untill then I'll try to upload it in it's full form including the 16MB of music, to my site.

I'm waiting for the sponsors we are having a converstaion :)
While I'm waiting I'm also developing a new game called "Shuriken" - Naruto Throwing Stars.
There is allready an engine but I don't wanna show any screen shots yet...

Dragon Ball Z - Power Effect 2.0

2007-07-19 15:20:45 by coolroy

Striking in a new blasting and unexpected version very soon!
ScreenShots: BZ-PE
My server is going down alot lately so try later if it's not working.